Love letter: As part of the campuscreate challenges this week


(Photo from trip advisor)

(Margaret Berry, R.I.P.)

Dear Merlin Woods,
I love you. This may come as a surprise to you because I’ve only met you a year ago or so but haven’t you just helped me every day to keep my sanity, while becoming a foreigner mother in this country. Walking up and down your trails and in and out of your nooks and crannies, I have found so many hidden treasures to discover in you with my baby girl safely tied up against me.

Your trees, your orchids, your ruins, your streams, your mud, your sunshines and your shades renew me whenever I share my thoughts with you. No matter how pessimistic they come up, they photosynthesise and make me greener and healthier when I’m with you.

And I’m telling you all this today because you need to hear it. Human death inhabited you for a week, we found out yesterday. Once again, the cold wet mantle of sadness and grief tainted a corner of our vibrant city and it had to be you. The fact that you are so close to me makes it more vivid, so close to my sap. I couldn’t sleep last night thinking of that poor woman, feeling the despair and the pain of loneliness that drive us into more loneliness and despair.

I wanted to scream at those smiley airbrushed people along the road, at myself, at whomever doesn’t know what to do but can think of something. We need to stop this madness. So many beautiful lives left us by the same trail in the last few years. And the crude realisation comes that those who wanna go, go. No matter. What to do? The tears cloud my creativity and clarity but the passion inside burns as hot as the tears.

And so many others who don’t wanna go are lying in hospital beds and at home, young and old. How can we organise an exchange of wills? How to help those who don’t want to and those who do and how to help ourselves in helping them?

My mind spins and spins around the same issue now and then – I’m too busy in between- every time that there’s another smiley, not-airbrushed this time, face on a poster with the word missing on top and so many desperate friends and lovers searching. But I don’t wanna be busy any more. We need to stop and think. We need to stop and find creative ways of helping and hugging and connecting with each other. Please. Otherwise what’s the point?

And what a better place to do it than in your grounds, Merlin Woods. Now more than ever. May you have granted her peace and quiet and an easy journey on.

Love you always
An anonymous walker


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